Black Inventors, Crafting Over 200 Years of Success
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    "Of course you may use the reference to your presentation and book signing at the New York State Library in your press release.  We thank you again for an enlightening and thoroughly interesting presentation!"
                                                                                        Senior Librarian, New York State Library, Feb. 2010

    "It is very seldom that people come across a book so captivating and empowering. After reading, The Black Inventors, it was like gazing at the world from a new lens or perspective because I now knew of all the contributions that my ancestors had donated to advance our society to what we know it to be today. Even though I grew up in an Afro-centric  cultural and had an advanced understanding of my history, this book brought to life actual example of inventors who have created inventions which are still in use today.  I used this book in my last course in college for my major which was the Black Studies Seminar. My topic for presentation was the importance of black inventors and their incalculable amounts of contributions to American society. It was not until I purchased this book that I was able to take my presentation in a totally different and diverse direction and explain how it was not only America which was impacted by Black inventors. This book was a major reason why my presentation reached my audience and propelled my presentation into another level. "The Black Inventors" was an easy read and gave great amounts of detail without seeming too lengthy or difficult to understand. It would be great for middle school through college"  
C. C   Oct. 26th, 2010.

New, important book on Black Inventors is an eye-opener
Black Inventors - Crafting Over 200 Years of Success by Keith C. Holmes; Paperback: 179 pages * Publisher: Global Black Inventor Research Projects, Inc.; 1st Edition edition)
0979957303 *ISBN-13: 978-0979957307
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By Giorgio Migliavacca

It is not widely known in the Virgin Islands that during the 1970s-’80s and ‘90s, Liston Abbott, of St. Thomas USVI, was instrumental in inventing solutions that improved television signal capacity. But it is quite ironic that Caribbean inventors have had so little recognition from their own countrymen. 

“People from the Caribbean have had a major impact on the world of innovation and invention...More recognition should be given to Caribbean people who have enlightened the world with their innovations and inventions,” writes Keith Holmes, author of the recently published book “Black Inventors”.

In fact, his book has brought to day-light information that substantiates his statement: “Caribbean inventors have filed patents for a significant number of inventions...and have received world recognition and awards.
Holmes lists Caribbean inventors as early as 1769,  from most countries in the region including Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Cuba, Santo Domingo, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Martinique, USVI, St. Vincent and Trinidad and Tobago. 

The author has spent almost 20 years to piece together information on black inventors. His work will undoubtedly increase readers awareness that on a global scale black inventors, both past and present, have contributed in large measure to the progress made by humanity.

This book documents a large number of inventions, patents and labor saving devices conceived by black inventors. Africans, before the era of their enslavement, developed agricultural tools, building materials, medicinal herbs, cloth, and weapons, among many other inventions. Though many black people were brought to the United States, the Caribbean, Central and South America as slaves, it is not widely known that thousands of them created saving devices and inventions that spawned companies which generated money and jobs, worldwide.

This book is divided in three main parts: the first explores the role played by ancient African inventors; the second part focuses on native African inventors; and part three delves into black inventors by geographical location, worldwide.
The material available in this book is an introduction into the world of inventions by Black inventors. It gives the reader, researcher, librarian, student and teachers the materials needed to effectively understand that the Black inventor is not one dimensional but global occurrence. This book has certainly provided an invaluable tool for those who want to research this fascinating and fertile area of world history. His book proves that “without the inventors, innovators, designers and laborers of African descent, in Africa as well as throughout the African Diaspora, western technology, as we know it today, would not exist.”

There are many significant facts to be learned from Holmes’ book, for example: the invention process did not originate in Europe; from 1900 to 1999, black inventors patented over 6,000 inventions (at least 400 of them by black women), and between 2000 and 2007, blacks patented over 5,000 inventions; nowadays American icons such as Oprah Winfrey has 61 trademarks; and a significant number of black inventors live in Europe where they have patented thousands of inventions.

This fascinating book ends with a very useful bibliography and a detailed and useful index. There are not many distractions and illustrations in this facts-packed volume and we can envision a second, a third edition in a matter of a few years. The cameo like profiles of black inventors could be expanded and some illustrations added, but the first edition is a must have for the avid reader who will learn a wealth of information not available before in one single volume.  A must have!         

                                                                                                  Island Sun Newspaper, British Virgin Island

"Please know that your book is such a gift to many such as me.  Thank you for your hard work, perseverance and all that you endured to bring this book to publication.  I am 41 years of age and am a confident black woman now, but it was very different for me when I was a teen in high school. I hated history; it left me feeling discouraged!  As a young black woman I never saw enough about African-Americans and our contributions to this country.  There were always the few standards which I am proud of but I still felt ...."Is this it? wonder people of other races do not not respect us!"  As a woman I now know quite differently, even though the history books are still unfairly edited.  So, with all that said thank you!  I still shed tears of joy every time I learn of something new." 

                                                                                                 N.B., Michigan

"I have reviewed the book and it is an outstanding contribution to the history of Inventors of African descent on a global level. This is a book that should be available to all African people. congratulations."  

                                                                                                 F.J.  Canada,

"Wow, this is great." 

                                                                                                 A.M., New York,

"Looking forward to checking out your book!" 

                                                                                                 WP., Florida,

"I would love to be abreast of everything going on so that I can be kept in the loop. I am going to order this book because it is something that I need to give to my grandkids and I need to read it for myself. Just keep me informed please."

                                                                                                 B.M., Texas,

"I recently read "Black Inventors" by Mr. Keith C. Holmes. The book is quite informative and fact filled. This is an excellent tool for students. I salute Mr. Holmes for being able to pack all this information into just 180 pages."
H.A.F., New Jersey

As a INVENTOR myself, I am glad to hear that you have taken the time, to do a comprehensive research on Black Inventors -the many, many black faces unknown, behind several innovative products in many industries."

                                                                                                 JFM, Illinois, 

Congratulation on your insightful book on our African Diaspora contribution.  Continue to be blessed - 

                                                                                                 FMJ, New York

"I am interested in knowing your speaker fees for a possible talk during Black History Month 2009." 

                                                                                                 JER, New York,

"Please add me to your mailing list. Thanks so much."

                                                                                                 LD., Maryland,

"Congratulations on the publication of your new book. I look forward to reading it." 

                                                                                                 EW, Tennessee

"I am very interested in your book. Is there a way that I can find out the names of the persons listed in the book ?"

                                                                                                 LKH, California,

"Greeting Mr. Holmes, once again thank you for your time and advise, as per our conversation on Patent and inventors via telephone last Thursday. I hope that you received my email sent you and hope that I have given lucrative info. for you to send to the young lady. Thank you kindly for you time and have a great and safe weekend."

                                                                                                 MF, New York, 

"Need copies of book, about 2 or 3."

                                                                                                 AC, British Virgin islands,

"I am very much interested in purchasing your book for our school library as well as for my classes as soon as it becomes available. Currently, I teach African American Studies I and II.

                                                                                                 HGM, South Carolina, 

"Thank you,for the time and information you shared with mp on your book tour here in Chicago. Will be in contact with you soon. Peace & Blessings,]" 

                                                                                                 E.P. Illinois,

"Good for you! As Black Americans begin to take ownership and disseminate knowledge of their accomplishments world wide. The meek are now due their inheritance."

                                                                                                 MRF, New Jersey, 

"It was definitely a pleasure meeting you at the BSU convention in Ontario. You have done a great work, and I commend you for staying the course for so many years.  We need to know our heritage, and pass the information on. I look forward to keeping in touch, and following along with the developments of your company. I would also like to keep up on what is going on with your school as well.  Please send any information you have on that to me for review. Thanks, May God Bless You and Keep You, In His Name."

                                                                                                N.C., California,

"I am please with your web site and will pass on the word." 

                                                                                                S.Y., Trinidad & Tobago, 

"I just heard about the book tonight and I am a avid reader as well as a dedicated collector of Black literature.  I can hardly wait to get a copy!" 

                                                                                               A.A., Texas,

"I am interested in purchasing the book and supporting your efforts in highlighting black inventors". 

                                                                                               Q.B., New Jersey,

"We are very interested in potentially carrying this book in our museum's bookstore.  If possible, can we receive a complimentary copy to review ?" 

                                                                                               A.M., Massachusetts,

"Looks like a very fine book." 

                                                                                              DCN, California.

"Please send me any information about the book Black Inventors can I buy it in Canada." 

                                                                                              P.G., Canada,

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